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Flushed emoji meaning

A flushed emoji is designed with a yellow face with raised eyebrows, a small and closed mouth, white, wide eyes staring straight ahead, and blushing, reddened cheeks. The flushed emoji is a symbol that is mainly Intended to signify such feelings as an embarrassment, but its meaning quite widely varies. Other senses and definitions of the flushed emoji include surprise, flattery, disbelief, affection, excitement, and admiration. Besides, it also symbolizes shame or confusion. And yet, these expressions are just the most common values in which the flushed emoji is used.

  • For instance, the flushed emoji can be used as a reaction to something incomprehensible, surprising, or to an awkward offer, incredible attention, or an unexpected compliment – in that sense, the flushed emoji smiley is used all alone without any other emoji combinations. The flushed emoji will mean an adverse reaction, and once the symbol is combined with other, flirting, or happy emoticons, it may mean the opposite – a positive response.

As seen from the above examples, the flushed emoji is a smiley with wide-open eyes, blushed cheeks, and a neutral (Nore: in most cases) mouth.

General information about flushed emoji encodings

The flushed emoji was initially introduced with its full name of "Flushed Face Emoji" depicted 😳. The flushed emoji is part of the 😂 Smileys and Emotion emoji category. The subcategory of the flushed emoji is the concerned face emoji, defined 😨. Unicode version of the flushed emoji is Unicode 6.0, approved and initially introduced in 2010. Later, in that year, the flushed emoji was listed in the Emoji Version 1.0.

The flushed emoji has different names as well, which are quite commonly used by some users. The flushed emoji is known as:

– 😳 depicted as :$;

– 😳 blushing face emoji;

– 😳 Embarrassed face emoji;

– 😳 Shame face emoji;

– 😳 Face with wide-open eyes.

How to type or insert flushed emoji

To type or insert the flushed emoji wherever you want, you can directly copy the emoji right from here:😳 and then paste the emoji in your message box, web page, or in a blog post. However, there are other methods to insert the flushed emoji within a few seconds. Below you will find a shortlist of the code point characters that are mainly used to create the flushed emoji across devices. For instance:

  • Unicode point character for the flushed emoji is U+1F633 (fully-qualified).
  • Hex code point for the flushed emoji is 1F633.
  • URL Escape code for the flushed emoji is %F0%9F%98%B3.
  • The Shortcode of the flushed emoji :flushed: (used by Github and Slack) or :flushed_face: (used by Emojipedia).
  • Bytes (UTF-8) code for the flushed emoji is xF0x9Fx98xB3.
  • Punycode code for the flushed emoji is xn--u38h.
  • HTML hex code for the flushed emoji is &#x1F633.
  • HTML dec code for the flushed emoji is &#128563.
  • PHP 7 code for the flushed emoji is u{1F633}.
  • JavaScript code for the flushed emoji is u1F633.
  • JSON code for the flushed emoji is u1F633.
  • CSS code for the flushed emoji is 1F633.
  • Java code for the flushed emoji is u1F633.
  • C. C++ code for the flushed emoji is u1F633.
  • Python code for the flushed emoji is u1F633.
  • Perl code for the flushed emoji is x{1F633}.
  • Ruby code for the flushed emoji is u{1F633}.

How to use flushed emoji

In this part, you can check several phrases and combinations with 😳 the flushed emoji face, such as:

– What you say is embarrassing for me 😳

– What an unexpected compliment 😳

– ✈️️ 😴 ↔️️ 😳 – meaning: Jetlag

– 😳😂 – resembles confused laughter.

– 🔪 🤭 👺 🔪 😳 – meaning: “did you scare me?”.

Flushed emoji design across different devices

The appearance and the design of the flushed emoji face widely differ from cross-platform. So, when using the flushed emoji, once news to use it with caution. Each platform, web service, gadget, device, or OS, manufacturers create emojis according to their style, design, and vision. For instance, Google has previously featured a flushed emoji with a more bashful expression, while Samsung produced the same emoji with a more ashamed one.

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